PS2 Switchroom
PS2 Switchroom For the Macraes Mining Site
Inventor Design Suite 2013
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The Design and Engineering Department at JK's & WBe Ltd utilises the AutoDesk Inventor 2013 Design Suite.

Our ability to sit down with the customer and turn his or her concept into a working solution is second to none. With Inventor we can effortlessly transform that vision into 3D images and representations that capture the client's thoughts and ideas. We then provide workable solutions and pricing options. Being Southland's largest and most comprehensive Engineering facility, we can then build, test and make adjustments, as per our client's requirements, under cover and on site.


The Design Department at JK's & WBe Ltd utilises Autodesk Inventor Design Suite.

The team have designed complete turn key packages for the Fertiliser, Quarrying, and Mining industries as well as numerous other large scale projects.

We have designed the Luge Cart Facility in Calgary, Canada, including marshalling, loading and unloading and the complete safety systems. We are currently redesigning the Luge Carts, incorporating state of the art designs and innovations.