About JK’s Engineering

We have been engineering in Southland for over 100 years!
You may have previously known us as JK Stevenson Ltd, which was established in 1907 and commonly referred to as ‘JK’s’. JK Stevenson then amalgamated with Wilson Brothers Engineering (WBe) to become JK’s & WBe Ltd. Together, the companies offered a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only throughout Southland, but to New Zealand and overseas.

In September 2018, our company ownership changed, bringing in our key staff as shareholders. You may have encountered our noisy Foreman Gerry, he’s still here, with the same yarns. Dwight stepped into the role of General Manager, proving he was more than ready for the challenge or was this the cause of the hair loss? Our Estimator Steve is still round around, quietly working on pricing your plans and bringing jobs in for the workshop. The company name became JK’s Engineering simply because that’s how we’ve always been known!

We are currently employing 32 staff in different stages of their careers from staff who have been here for 35 years to new apprentices. JK’s have an active role in the community, liaising with high schools and SIT to offer work experience and apprenticeship roles to keep the future of engineering growing.

With such a wealth of experience and history behind us, we continue to believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. We are continuously manufacturing the highest quality products and regularly exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operated by skilled professionals.


Hot Zinc Spraying  |  Hot Dip Galvanising |  Laser Cutting |  Chain and Rigging Certification
LT400 Certification |  Sandblasting |  Powder Coating |  Workshop Drawings |  CAD Drawing