We are your EziSwap gas agents in the Queenstown area.

Stop paying monthly rental on bottles you hardly use.

With EziSwap you buy a full bottle of gas, when the bottle is empty you bring it in and swap it for a full bottle.

We have a range of gases, mixes and cylinder sizes. We currently hold B & D size bottles in;
Argon  |  Argon/CO2  |  Acetylene  |  Oxygen  |  Nitrogen  |  CO2

No rental, no contracts, no accounts. Just pay as you go… it’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to my owner cylinder that I have purchased if I swap it?
A: Your original cylinder becomes part of the swap pool and you take ownership of the cylinder received.

Q: Can I sell the swap cylinder I receive if I no longer require it?
A: Yes you can. You own the cylinder and are free to sell it.

Q: My cylinder is brand new. Do I get a brand new swap cylinder?
A: Not usually, unless a brand new swap cylinder is available.

Q: Do I need to swap my cylinder? Can I just get the same one filled?
A: You don’t have to swap your cylinder. It can be refilled by other independent gas companies at their discretion. EZiSwap Gas currently fills at its Auckland location only.

Q: Can I get my originally purchase cylinder back?
A: If you have already swapped it for another and it has been entered into the swap pool, it is unlikely, although, we will do our best to trace it for you.

Q: Can I swap my cylinder for a different type of gas?
A: Only Argon and Argon/Co2 cylinders are interchangeable.

Q: Do I need to have a cylinder to swap?
A: Yes. You need to purchase an EZiSwap cylinder to enter the swap system.

Q: Is EZiSwap Gas part of, or associated with, any other gas company?
A: No, EZiSwap Gas is a privately owned NZ company.